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Project “SPort for reUnion of geneRaTions”, acronym “SPURT”

Project No. 612949-EPP-1-2019-1-LT-SPO-SSCP 


Project summary

Applicant  – Birzu lengvosios atletikos sporto klubas (Lithuania)

P2 – Szczecinska Szkola Wyzsza Collegium Balticum (Poland),

P3 – Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Gruppo Atletico Polisportivo (Italy). 

Project duration: 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2021, 24 months.

The overall objective of the project is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport through promotion of cooperation and communication among generations and increasing their involvement into sport and physical activities. 

Target groups:

-Coaches, trainers, teachers in the sport sector, managers and staff workers of organizations that carry out different types of sport and recreational activities for youth, elderly and seniors. They will have opportunity to increase their skill and abilities in management, coaching and leadership of specific social groups;

-young people (12-20), who will participate in various sport and recreational activities planned during the project; 

– elderly people (35-60), who will participate in various sport and recreational activities planned during the project; 

– seniors (60+),  who will participate in various sport and recreational activities planned during the project. 

Main objectives:

  1. To promote and support closer cooperation and communication among target groups through and in sports to increase mutual assistance tackling social exclusion.
  2. To share experience and good practise on social inclusion of youth, elderly and seniors in and through sport and physical activities.
  3. To promote and support involvement in active and healthy community life.
  4. To promote traditional sports and games making them easily accessible and adoptable for the need of target groups. 


  • Kick off Meeting in Birzai, Lithuania will be hosted by the Applicant. Approximate date – February – March, 2020
  • During the Project 3 project management group  meetings in Szczecin (PL), Castelbuono (IT) and Birzai (LT) will be organized. Each meeting will last 1 day and will involve 2 participants (PMG members) from each partner organization. To save money and time, PMG meetings will be organized before the sport events. While PMG will go on, other participants (6 per partner) will be involved into preparation of the sport event, which will happen the next 1 day.  

Approximate dates – June -July 2020 in Italy, February – March 2021 in Poland and June-July, 2021 in Lithuania.

  • Project partners will create Good Practice Handbook (GPH), which will be available on social network. Preparation of GPH will start after the first Sport Day in Italy (2020) will be implemented and will finish after the Sport day in Lithuania (2021).
  • Each partner will create a video in order to present and tell the experience realized during Sports Days.
  • All partners will organize and ensure active participation of the target groups in the on-line contest for the best pictures taken by participants during Sport Days. Main criteria – how picture reflects the necessity of cooperation among different generations and how sports can help to promote and strengthen it. Winners will be chosen by on-line voting (button “Like”). Best pictures will be awarded with prizes.  
  • Each partner will implement a communication campaign addressed to schools, sports clubs, youth, elderly and senior associations, local governments, in order to present the project, the activities, the outcomes, and to disseminate the materials (photos / video) produced during the project. The communication campaign could be realized also by email or newsletter.
  • Each partner will organize a dissemination event open to the public, to present the GPH and video created to local organizations interested to repeat the experience promoted by the project. Total: 3 Final dissemination events, one per country. This event could be programmed inside other events planned by the partners, but with the aim to give visibility to the Project, the activities developed and the output products. 
  • Each partner is obliged to publish news about the events and activities and updates about the aims and activities of the Project in their websites and profiles in social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). January 2020 – December 2021.

Schedule of activities:

  1. Kick-off meeting in Birzai (LT) on February – March, 2020 (responsible – Applicant)
  2. PMG meeting in Castalbuono (IT) on June – July 2020 (responsible – P3)
  3. PMG meeting in Szczecin (PL) on February- March, 2021 (responsible – P2)
  4. PMG meeting in Birzai  (LT) on June-July, 2021 (responsible – Applicant)
  5. Sport Days in each participating country (responsible – Applicant, P2, P3):

– in the period June-July, 2020

– in February – March, 2021

– in the period June -July, 2021

  1. Creation, development, promotion of GPH in the period of July 2020– September, 2021 (responsible – Applicant)
  2. Creation of videos (one per country) in the period July, 2020 – September, 2021 (responsible – Applicant, P2, P3)
  3. Communication campaigns for schools, NGO’s, youth associations, local governments, to present the project, activities implemented, results produced, and to disseminate the materials (photos / video) produced during the project in the period November, 2020 – September, 2021 (responsible – Applicant, P2, P3)
  4. Dissemination events open to the public to present the Project results, GPH, on-line picture contest and video created to local organizations (1 per project partner)  in the period of September – December, 2021 (responsible – Applicant, P2, P3)
  5. Organization and implementation of international on-line photo contest in the period September – October, 2021 (responsible – Applicant, P2, P3)

SPURT handbook – DOWNLOAD the document

Watch a short Video of the project

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